Educational Psychologist – Gill Matson

Based in the north of West Sussex and close to Surrey, Kent and East Sussex.

Dr Gill Matson is an Independent Educational Psychologist and has experience of all special needs, including problems with acquiring literacy and numeracy skills, and a specialism in speech, language and communication needs and autistic spectrum difficulties.

What do Educational Psychologists do?

They make a difference to the lives of children and young people so that their time in school is a positive experience and prepares them for adult life.

Rationale for my work

I have given my practice the name Euboulia which is a classical Greek word meaning good counsel or soundness of judgement. I believe the essence of my work is about encouraging children and young people to think and make good decisions. The logo represents the fact that good thinking and language skills underpin learning and educational progress. Good thinking, language and learning also enhance the general well being of children and young people.

My background

I worked initially as a qualified secondary school teacher for over nine years and then trained as an Educational Psychologist. I have been an EP for 30 years, both as an employee of Local Authorities and on the staff of two specialist schools for speech and language difficulties.

What I offer

Consultations and assessments regarding pre-school children and school age children and young people.

  • I work with parents, teachers and other professionals
  • I see children in school, at their home or at my home.
  • I undertake work as an Expert Witness for SEND Tribunals.
  • I travel to schools and homes in London and the South East of England.

What next?

Contact me with a description of why you would like an assessment by an Educational Psychologist and I will send you my CV and a list of Frequently Asked Questions and also provide a quotation.

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Dr Gill Matson 21.03.16